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Transportation Demand Management Measures at F1RST

F1RST Residences is proud to participate in the Transportation Demand Management Program. TDM is a set of strategies, programs, services and physical elements that influence travel behavior by mode, frequency, time, route, or trip length in order to help achieve highly efficient and sustainable use of transportation facilities. In the District, this typically means implementing infrastructure or programs to maximize the use of mass transit, bicycles, and pedestrian facilities, and reduce single occupancy vehicle trips during peak periods.

F1RST’s Transportation Demand Management Measures Include:

  • Onsite business center
  • TransitScreen display located in the F1RST Residences’ mail room
  • Two Zipcar spaces adjacent to the property on 1st Street
  • Reserved garage parking for car pools and van pools
  • Parking costs at F1RST Residences are unbundled from the cost of residents’ leases. Only residents who require parking pay for that amenity.
  • Parking costs in the F1RST garage are no less than the charges of the lowest fee residential garage within 0.25 mile.
  • General Manager Cleveland Wason serves as the property’s TDM leader

In addition to these measures, we are excited to host a transportation fair with Skanska, our neighbors at 99M, when their office building opens in 2018.